What is RecycleSmart? 

The Ins and Outs of Waste Wizardry Explained 

Some of the most common questions we get at RecycleSmart are about our services, and we’d like to offer the answer to end all uncertainty – once and for all, right here and now. 

RecycleSmart, what is it you do?

Let’s start with what we don’t do: we are not a waste hauling company – for that part, we team up with specialized local companies all across Canada 

Our core business is smart waste management. We use technology (sensors), on-site data collection (e.g. waste audits), and computer algorithms to make your Recycling Process more efficient.  

How do we get our data? 

We have two main streams of information: mechanical and digital waste data collection.  

Mechanical data collection – you’ve guessed it – is the result of a waste audit. We send our auditors over to perform a physical analysis of a site’s garbage and recycling setup. For example, they check whether there are enough and appropriate garbage bins, availability of recycling options, accuracy of recycling, and so on. Based on that information, we make recommendations as to how a business can improve its cost efficiency and waste diversion rate.  

Digital data collection is a whole different story. RecycleSmart has a number of very nifty little tools (shout-out to our tech partner companies who make the smartest of all sensors!) that do the hard groundwork for us. 

Our waste wizards (“BIN-gardium leviosa!”) install the tiny devices in your garbage container. They are chatty little critters who like to talk trash in a good way: they send us regular updates on materials in your bin and fill-levels. We then process that data and select the important parts. From there, our system schedules what we like to call the Goldilocks pickup: at the time that suits your needs – not too often, not too infrequently.  

Why do we do what we do? 

Many, many years ago, we’ve started out as a small business serving primarily the hotel industry. We had noticed that garbage pick-ups were too inflexible – due to bad waste hauler contracts, changing seasonal needs, you name it! More than that, we realized they were wasteful (no pun intended) because too few recyclables were ending up on a landfill due to a lack of recycling options. 

With RecycleSmart, we are able to tackle both issues: increasing comfort and flexibility for businesses and showing some love for the environment by improving waste diversion and recycling rates. Win-win! 

What’s in it for me? 

Two things, mostly: more money in your account and a greener conscience.  

PS: you also get full overview over your garbage habits, presented to you in a neatly formatted document at a regular interval. 

That’s too good to be true!? 

No, we’re being serious. Our services literally pay for themselves. Your monthly fees are absorbed by what you save in pick-ups – we guarantee at least 10% savings on your yearly waste hauling costs. Our contractors save time and fuel because our smart pick-up routing makes their work more efficient, and that’s a bonus for them. Better recycling rates mean fewer resources need to be extracted and more waste can be diverted from landfills – less strain on Mother Nature.  

Any other Questions?

Ask us anything. We love talking trash.

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