1. Waste Wizards

To be a Wizard, you have to look at the whole picture — take a 360-degree view, and then connect all the dots intelligently, and simply.

Unlike a waste hauler or procurement department, our Waste Wizard Team develops, and then implements, waste management programs that achieve financial, environment, and importantly, operational goals. It’s a holistic approach that is lacking in the industry, and an approach that delivers real results (versus just ‘another report’).

Our team of waste and data scientists, engineers, and program designers are leading minds in the industry, all motivated to turn garbage into gold. Which is what motivated our 10% Cost Savings (minimum) commitment.

Our Waste Wizard App rolls all this expertise up, whether it’s getting advice on what goes where, checking your collection schedule or invoice details, booking collection for e-waste or have specific inquiries that need a speedy response. 

Want to know more? 

Our Case Studies provide more details on the solutions deployed, and positive results we’ve created, for companies across Canada.