Waste Audits

RecycleSmart has completed hundreds of waste audits of various types and sizes across Canada. We specialize in working with clients in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors to deliver our expertise and insights right to you. Get more than just a waste audit report, Get Better At Garbage!

source separation plans

(O. Reg 103/94)

  • Effective programs for the collection, storage and handling of materials
  • Ensure that source separated materials are removed effectively
  • Education and direction for proper implementation
  • Ensure compliance with Ministry of Environment Regulations

waste audit & waste reduction work plans

(O. Reg 102/94)

  • On site assessment of waste & recycling practices
  • Evaluation of the amount, nature and composition of your waste and recycling streams
  • Site specific reports that comply with Ministry of Environment Regulations
  • Education and direction for proper implementation

ISO 14001
consulting & support

  • Completion of internal audits for ISO 14001 Organizations

  • Support Services related to management system implementation

  • Assistance with ISO reporting, data gathering and data verification
  • Providing support to international organizations operating in North America with ISO compliance
RecycleSmart Waste Audit

Let’s work together on your audit!

We want to work with you and your internal teams to provide a great audit experience with minimal disruptions to your day to day. By providing a personalized experience, we can work together to reach your goals and implement real changes for increased waste diversion and improved program participation at your site.

We can deploy a waste audit team rapidly at multiple sites across Canada at short notice. If you need a single audit or several hundred audits completed we can handle the project management, logistics and planning.

Our team is passionate about providing the highest quality waste audits that meet your requirements and expectations. Where some only see waste we see opportunity to improve and make a positive impact.

Benefits of a Waste Audit

1. Waste audits can help you determine the effectiveness of your operations

Stop guessing. Find out what is really going on. A waste audit can tell you what is working or not working with your current waste and recycling management program. It can uncover system breakdowns, expose wasteful problems or confirm success. This enables you to make necessary adjustments to improve and maximize your operational efficiency.

2. Waste audits help you save money

Waste audits can unlock missing revenue streams and potential savings. By reducing what is going into your trash, you may also be able to reduce your waste hauling fees.

​3. Waste audits help you measure success

A waste audit can help set a baseline and create annual benchmarks so you can set targets and gauge the progress and effectiveness of your waste and recycling programs.

4. Waste audits help you get more accurate data

Waste audits can help verify data provided by your waste and recycling service providers, which is important for operations and billing. Incorrect data can lead to unnecessary fees. Accurate data is also key to conducting a waste removal RFP when it is time to renegotiate contracts.

5. Waste audits help you meet certification standards

Waste audits are part of the requirements for various certification standards such as BOMA Best, LEED, GreenKey or GRESB. If you need this data a waste audit can provide the data you require.

6. Waste audits are required for certain regulatory compliance and reporting purposes

Ensure compliance with Ontario MOE regulations (O.Reg 102/94 and 103/94) with annual waste audits and work reduction plans.