3. Sustainability Analysis

RecycleSmart’s approach is to bring the experts and insights directly to you.

Our dedicated Sustainability Specialists are on top of the ever-changing recycling standards and regulations, bringing current industry know how.

They also conduct on-site waste audits to accurately measure and identify materials and opportunities for savings.

With real-time insights and automated reporting, we provide accurate, intelligent, and timely analysis using proven metrics to report on all aspects of your recycling program, including multiple layers of material types and recommended solutions to manage them.

From audits to data verification, we deliver everything you need for BOMA, GreenKey, ISO, LEED and ON Reg 102/94 compliance. 

Real people, on the ground, working hand-in-hand with you to create results.

Want to know more? 

Our Case Studies provide more details on the solutions deployed, and positive results we’ve created, for companies across Canada.