Hey everyone! My name is Sohaib Khader and I’m a staff accountant with RecycleSmart, and I’ve been here for 2 and a half years. I primarily deal with reconciliation with vendors, invoices and contract issues, and conduct analysis of how the company is doing on a month to month basis.

I was born in Jordan and moved to Vancouver when I was 7, so I was pretty much raised here and went to Kwantlen Polytechnic University for computer electrical engineering. I ended up switching to accounting because I wasn’t enjoying it, though. Now, I’m completing my hours to get certified.

At RecycleSmart, people really are passionate about our cause and try to live their lives accordingly.

RecycleSmart is my first full time accounting job – before this I’ve been in sales, and worked at Shaw Communications for three years. RecycleSmart has also been my introduction into the sustainability world, and really opened my eyes to everything I was doing wrong on an everyday level. I’m starting to see the light, but I was definitely not aware of all the issues the world is in before.

One of my favorite things about working at RecycleSmart is that your voice is never unheard, no matter what field you’re in. Coming from a big corporation to a small company, that’s a difference I’ve really noticed. You’re responsible for your own work without having someone constantly looking over your shoulder, and I always tell people that if you do want to flourish here, you can. You can find your career here, even if it’s in a different field from where you started. This is a company where you can tell people really are passionate about our cause and try to live their lives accordingly.

I grew up on sports, so a big part of my life outside of work is playing basketball in a few men’s leagues throughout the year. Both my brother and my dad are mechanics, so I also have a passion for cars. I love trying new things and being outdoors, so I love hiking and kayaking. I’m starting to get into travelling too, and I’m planning a trip to Morocco and possibly Spain for next year. I’m also bilingual and speak both English and Arabic.