2. Smart Containers & Compactors

RecycleSmart deploys the latest in optical, ultrasonic, and energy monitoring technologies to ensure your container (or compactor) is collected when it’s full, and only when it’s full (unless otherwise requested) — versus when it’s convenient for your haulers. Real-time data provides significant efficiencies to the entire waste management system, and important traffic and pollution benefits to boot. 

As we say, better data = better decisions = better.

We operate the largest network of container and compactor monitors across Canada, partnering with the very best sensor companies, including Nordsense, SmartTrash, Enevo, and Compology.  

To ensure success, we are proud to be the only company that has boots on the ground. Our field techs are located in every major Canadian centre, tasked with deploying and maintaining sensor technology.

Want to know more? 

Our Case Studies provide more details on the solutions deployed, and positive results we’ve created, for companies across Canada.