RecycleSmart & Bintracker partnership

January 13th, 2021

Richmond, British Columbia

RecycleSmart has officially announced a partnership with Gurru Systems to bring the Bintracker IoT system to the Canadian waste and recycling management market. RecycleSmart will be rolling out the Bintracker pilot at select locations with a focus on the commercial property sector clients who are participating in the BOMA BEST® green building certification system. 

RecycleSmart hosted an introductory webinar to provide an overview of the features, benefits and implementation process of the Bintracker system. Watch the webinar the recording here.

Bintracker is an IoT software solution that helps businesses track the source, volume, and composition of their waste streams through scanning technology and digital scales. By tracking this data, businesses will be able to improve their recycling and waste systems using real-time data. Bintracker gives businesses such as commercial property managers, shopping centres and multi-tenant retail properties control over their sustainability goals, waste generation by tenant and contamination detection – all in one comprehensive, simple, and flexible system. Bintracker brings accountability and transparency to your waste management system with a flexible, scalable and cost-effective tracking solution that is real-world proven…


If you would like to view the Bintracker Webinar, please click the link below to learn more!