December 1, 2021, Richmond, British Columbia

pello dashboard

RecycleSmart has announced the official launch of the Pello waste and recycling technology platform. Pello is a cloud based software platform with connected, rugged sensors that measure waste and recycling container fill levels, analyze container contents and provides data insights that help organizations collect waste and recycling more efficiently. RecycleSmart has harnessed years of experience using Internet of Things (IOT) sensors in waste and recycling containers to design a breakthrough device that combines both ultrasonic sensors and a multi-spectrum camera. The Pello sensor feeds data into the proprietory software platform where advanced AI will be used to identify contamination of recycling bins with unwanted items.

RecycleSmart CEO Rob Duthie said “The launch of the Pello platform is the result of over 2 years of extensive research and development work by the Pello team, it’s exciting to see the potential of this next generation technology to change the world for the better”. RecycleSmart partnered with Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to bring this innovative cleantech solution to market. “The partnerships and investments that SDTC is making from coast to coast are accelerating the capability of Canadian companies to become world leaders in cleantech development, Pello is a clear example of how this can be very successful” explained RecycleSmart CEO Rob Duthie.

Pello will be led by RecycleSmart CIO, Colin Bell who has pioneered the use of IOT sensors over the past decade with thousands of devices deployed across Canada. The Pello team is working with several clients such as the City of Edmonton, the City of Victoria, and University of British Columbia on large-scale pilot projects that will further the development of the Pello platform.

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