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Smart Recycling – How Does it Work Anyway?

Check out our proven approach to reducing waste, increasing recycling content, and saving enterprises valuable time and money.

Simpler Invoicing

First things first: let’s make the payment painless. Our data team takes your current system of many invoices, many waste and recycling haulers, many errors and many headaches — and turns it into a single, simplified invoice. No fees or surprises. Just the number you always wanted in the format you dreamed of!  

Sunny, Product Development Manager:
Oh, you heard that saving money and reducing waste is hard? Well, try again.

Reducing costs through sensors

Our team of sensor and IOT specialists will assess your current waste and recycling scenario and determine the best way to deploy sensors to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and provide the data you need to measure, manage and improve your program.

Robert, IOT Operations Manager:
My RecycleSmart is about ensuring our tools are up to the task anywhere in Canada.

More data: more power

We give you the power to manage your waste and recycling like never before. Slice and dice your data, export to Excel, or watch for trends using our online portal. Our data team is passionate about helping you make better decisions.

Manny, Director, Information Systems:
The data is meaningless without the light my team shines on it.

Service: how and when you want it

Making the day-to-day smooth and reliable is what our Service Coordinators do —everyday. Across the country (in both French and English) we deliver service by phone, email, live chat, or through our SmartService App. One call for all services and all locations means your team won’t waste time on waste.

RecycleSmart Team Member Imiko

Imiko, Business Analyst:
My team is passionate about the service our customers receive, our goal is to deliver everyday across the country with the occasional “Wow” moment that makes it all worth it.

Your partner for the long run

With a 98% retention rate, many of our clients have been enjoying the RecycleSmart advantage for more than a decade. Our account management team digs in and gets to know your people, operations and goals. A long-term partner that really gets you — it’s a Eureka moment!

Taylor, Procurement Coordinator, West:
It’s not a hard decision! Save money? Reduce waste? One invoice? Our team, one call – that’s it.

Try it for yourself

Don’t just take our word for how great our smart waste management program is – find out how it works for yourself with a free demo today!


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