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Does RecycleSmart pick up waste/recycling/compost?

RecycleSmart does not operate collection trucks so you will not see any RecycleSmart trucks or dumpsters. We provide services through a network of trusted vendors that collect waste/recycling/compost from thousands of sites across Canada. Think of RecycleSmart as the platform that allows customers to get better pricing, better service and better data than has been possible in the past. 

Which industries does RecycleSmart service?

Lots of them! Right now we have many clients in property management, hospitality, retail, and shopping centres. But if you’re in a different industry, don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can help your business.

Does RecycleSmart service residential homes?

Unfortunately not. We’re dedicated to helping business and business owners achieve their smart waste and recycling management goals.

How will RecycleSmart help my business?

We help you rock the recycling and get better at garbage to save some serious dough! More technically, we use our IOT sensors and smart bins to provide you with real-time intelligence about your waste and recycling program. With better data in hand, you can drastically improve your waste diversion rate and drive some serious cost savings by improving hauling efficiencies.

Where can RecycleSmart provide services?

All across Canada! It doesn’t matter if you’re located in Vancouver (that’s our home-base), or Calgary, or Montreal (in French too), or Toronto or anywhere else for that matter, we can help you rock the recycling!

How do the Smart Sensors and Sustainability Dashboard work?

We could get really technical here – but we think it’s best to leave the that up to the IOT specialists and keep things a little simpler in our FAQ. In general, our smart sensors keep track of just how much recycling or waste material is in your bin at any time. With this information, you can make better decisions on hauling schedules to improve efficiency and costs.

Our Sustainability dashboard is the place where all that data lives. It’s an interactive system you and your team can use to watch for trends or inefficiencies in your waste management program. This will help you make better decisions and ultimately lead to cost savings for your business.

Is there an app?

There is! The RecycleSmart app has all kinds of great functionality so you can take your smart recycling on the go. Plus it’s available on both IOS and Android systems. Here’s everything you can do:

  • Check Your Schedule For Your Next Pickup
  • Request an Extra Pickup If Required
  • Find Out What Goes Where With the Waste Wizard
  • Get a Reminder of Your Pickup
  • Book a Special Collection For E-Waste, Hazardous Waste, or General Junk
Does RecycleSmart help me figure out what gets recycled or thrown away?

We do! The Waste Wizard provides a detailed guideline of what products can be recycled and how. There’s even special instructions for certain items (like a reminder to take the caps off plastic bottles and throw them in the garbage before recycling the bottle itself).

What’s the Customer Service like?

It’s the best if we do say so ourselves! Our dedicated customer service team is available in both English and French by phone, email, live chat, or the SmartService app. You only have to make one call for all of your services, in all of your locations, saving you time and money.