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At RecycleSmart, we understand the value of quick and effective customer service. That’s why we offer a bunch of different options for contacting our support team from live chat, to phone calls, to FAQs.

 How can I check my service schedule?

Please enter the site address into the search field and click “search”.
A calendar will pop up displaying the collection schedule for your site. You can also Download the RecycleSmart app here.

How do I book a service request?
  • Email [email protected]
  • Call 888-892-1796 press 0 or 1 and for French press 4
  • Download the RecycleSmart app and use the Report a Problem or Request a Service Option
  • Chat with a Service Coordinator using live chat on www.recycle-smart.com

Service requests typically require at least 24 hours lead time to be completed.  During busier seasons such as Christmas or during snow/weather events, please allow up to 48 business hours. Our team will provide an estimated date of completion when your service is request is confirmed.

Please note that most service providers are not open on weekends or holidays so if your request is made during that time period there will be a delay.

Example: Need a pickup on Wednesday – submit your request by 12 Noon on Tuesday

What happens to my service on the week of a Stat Holiday?

Service may be carried over /pushed forward by 1 day due to a holiday (eg: if Christmas falls on Wednesday, service would be completed on Thursday Dec 26).  During the holiday season your collection schedule may be adjusted or modified.

Why can't a container be serviced by an exact time on any given service day?

We can request service times, however, they cannot be 100% guaranteed.  There are many factors that determine the driver’s pace of the day (eg: heavy route volume, traffic, mechanical issues, weather conditions, etc.)  The driver is expected to try their best to service the site as close to the requested time as possible however maintaining a set time service is not typically possible.

How can I prepare my container for service?
  • Please ensure your container is not blocked by parked vehicles and gates are unlocked.
  • In order to avoid additional charges, make sure the container is not loaded above the top of the container and the ground around the container is free and clear of obstacles.
  • If the container is on wheels and is moved on pickup day please move it to the designated pick up area.
  • In winter months, please ensure the area leading up to and around the container and enclosures is cleared from snow, and is properly salte /sanded
  • The contents must be level with the top of the container.  Please offload excess material and stack neatly to the side of the container. Overloaded containers may result in additional charges or service may be refused in extreme cases.
The container was tipped but why didn’t the driver take the bags of waste /recyclable material on the ground?
  • Drivers are expected to empty containers but are not expected to remove excess waste/recyclables placed on the ground. Please ensure any excess is stacked neatly to the side of the container.  The truck will need to access the container from the front and if there is material blocking the front of the container your collection may not be completed.
  • If you anticipate high volumes of waste or recyclable materials, please contact our Service Team to book an extra pick up or schedule a special pickup (junk removal).
How do I report a missed pick up?
  • Please report a missed pick up on the evening of the missed pickup or the following morning. Email [email protected], call 888-892-1796 press 0, use the App (please link here) or Live Chat with a Service Coordinator.
  • A photo is worth a thousand words, if you can please send a photo of the full container. Our service team will contact the service provider to confirm the missed pick up and schedule a recovery
What is a “recovery”?
  • A recovery is when a service provider makes up for an existing service on a different day (eg: when a pickup is missed, the service is “recovered” at no additional cost the next day).
  • Recovery events typically happen when a driver cannot complete your service due to traffic, mechanical breakdown, etc.
  • Our team will inform you if a recovery has been scheduled for your container.
How do I book a temporary container delivery?

Temporary Containers (Bins or Dumpsters) are great for clean-up projects or when you have a large volume of material due to a special project, clean up events or construction.

When a compactor is broken and requires repair, temporary containers are often used to collect and transport waste/recyclable materials until the compactor can be repaired. Our team will work with you to ensure your operations are minimally impacted by a compactor breakdown.

To schedule a temporary container delivery, please provide the following details

  1. Delivery date – do you need a specific time for your delivery? Keep in mind most service roviders typically can’t guarantee a precise time so it’s best to pick a window (before 12 noon, after 2PM, etc.)
  2. Pick up date – if you know now, if not we can determine this later. 
  3. Any empty and returns in between – (if you know these in advance, if not you can book these as you go with 24 hours notice).
  4. Size of the container required – we can help with sizes and dimensions (eg: 10, 20, 30, 40 yard)
  5. What materials will be going inside the container – Waste, cardboard, organics, construction, metal.  Please do not mix materials, as this would be considered contamination. 
  6. Site contact with name and phone number – Must be available on site on the day of delivery.  The driver will call for placement instructions
  7. Where on-site would you like the container to be delivered – a photo is awesome!
What is a Double Tip?

A double tip is when you have more material that fits in your container ready for pickup. If you want to have the container dumped, reloaded with the extra material and then dumped again it’s called a “Double Tip”.

Please note: Double Tips require someone at the site to re-load the material into the container for the second tip. The driver of the truck is not reloading the container.

If you require a double-tip on a certain container because you know you will have excess waste and/or recycling, please make sure you have a site contact name and phone number ready when you request the extra double-tip. The site contact is required to be onsite when the pickup occurs in order to reload the container. 

If the Double Tip is not an option, the other solution is to book an Extra Pickup the following day.  Please contact one of our Service Team Members to discuss the options available

My container has a sensor – why did it overflow when it was missed?

RecycleSmart uses container sensors to monitor 2 aspects of our customer’s waste and recycling

  1. Whether or not services are completed per scheduled days
  2. Is the container 75% full or greater on average in any given month?

The waste and recycling industry is not yet real time, even with up to the minute data on when the service was missed we still rely on the service provider to actually confirm if they have been on site.

While we will very likely have identified that your container was missed and are working on having the container serviced it may still overflow while the truck being sent to recover the missed collection. 

We monitor fill levels on a monthly basis and make careful adjustments to ensure that your containers are being used most efficiently (over 75% full on average) while being careful not to reduce service to the point that your containers are constantly overflowing and causing a mess at your location. 

If you have further questions, please get in touch with your Account Manager and they can provide further analytics and information. 

How are services billed?
  • Monthly services – invoiced on a monthly basis as per your service agreement.
  • On call / Extra services – invoiced the month after the service has been performed.
  • Any questions pertaining to invoicing should be directed to your Account Manager. 
How can I increase or decrease my service?

Please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss changes in service or to add additional services. If you don’t know who your account manager get in touch and we can help you!

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