COVID-19 Customer Update

Dear Customers,

RecycleSmart is taking our response to COVID-19 seriously and we are writing to update our customers on the measures our team and our vendors currently have in place.

RecycleSmart has implemented the following policies for staff:

· All RecycleSmart employees will be working from home starting March 17th

· Face to face meetings with clients or other RecycleSmart staff are currently on hold, but staff will still perform some site visits that do not include meetings if these can be performed safely with social distancing

· All travel for RecycleSmart staff outside of their home city/geographic zone is restricted

· RecycleSmart has shared several other policies and reminders to keep staff healthy, such as guidelines on hand washing and social distancing as recommended by Health Canada

We are also working with our vendors that are servicing bins on sites in order to closely monitor their plans during this time.

Our vendors and subcontractors have put the following measures in place:

· Ensuring proper health and safety equipment is in place for their employees (sanitizer, gloves, masks, etc.)

· Following best practices for prevention based on information from government health organizations as updated daily

· Reminding employees of proper hand washing procedures and providing additional signage and information

· All employees with any flu-like symptoms are encouraged to stay at home or work remotely

· For healthy employees that can work remotely, they are encouraged to do so

· All travel is being restricted

· Some service providers may not get out of their trucks while servicing bins/containers/totes, so please take extra care to dispose of items properly and ensure containers are brought to the correct location on collection days.

We understand this information is changing daily and you may have further questions.

Please feel free to reach out to your designated Account Manager or contact our service team at [email protected], 1-888-892-1796 or use the RecycleSmart App.


Your RecycleSmart Team