Getting Serious About Waste Diversion

About Sunridge

Sunridge Shopping Centre is operated by Primaris Management Inc which is a leader in property management. Sunridge is the dominant regional enclosed Shopping Centre in North East Calgary. In a highly competitive retail landscape, Primaris works diligently to provide the consumer with a vibrant and enjoyable shopping environment and recognizes their responsibility to manage operations in an environmentally responsible manner which includes the waste and recycling program at Sunridge Centre.


Business Challenge

Sunridge Shopping Centre was seeking to create and implement a 360 degree recycling plan in advance of the incoming City of Calgary recycling bylaw changes which required an organic waste diversion program for all businesses operating in the city. They were particularly drawn to working with RecycleSmart as Sunridge required complex solutions for organic waste and RecycleSmart was able to offer significant cost savings along with a turnkey solution. This in turn meant Sunridge could offer a high-er service level to their tenants without an increase in costs.

How We Helped

RecycleSmart were one of the only companies Sunridge felt offered everything they needed with a full 360 degree approach to managing their waste and recycling system. RecycleSmart worked collaboratively with the onsite management in order to provide appropriate solutions for the unique aspects of this property.



  • Managed waste streams generated in the mall more efficiently through mixing relevant materials together to reduce costs and create a more efficient collection system.
  • Implemented internet of things (IOT) sensors and compactor monitors which resulted in a reduction in overall container pickups and cost reduction from more efficient pickup scheduling.
  • Provided on-site training and awareness for tenants to promote proper recycling and organic waste diversion using the mall system.
  • Assisted and supported Primaris with the successful roll-out of post-consumer organic waste diversion program which produced a cleaner, more sustainable food court waste diversion system.

Sunridge’s waste diversion rate increased
from 13% at the end of 2015 to


at the end of 2017

We enjoy working with our like-minded sustainability partners in waste and energy reduction. We like how Recycle Smart is eager to work with us and help us achieve our specific goals. To go from relatively low waste diversion rates to over 80% waste diverted from landfill in less than a year is a result we are very proud of.

Troy Stoushnow

Operations Manager, Sunridge


Overall yearly savings

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