RecycleSmart & Bintracker partnership

Introduces Bintracker to Canada


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Bintracker, an IoT software solution that provides commercial property owners with transparent, real time-data and recycling contamination detection for multi-tenant buildings.


With a focus on the commercial property sector, the Bintracker pilot program will assist clients to achieve their sustainability goals and  to be certified through BOMA BEST® and Race2Reduce programs.  Bintracker provides a comprehensive waste reporting platform designed to meet Canadian regulatory standards and help move your sustainability goals forward.


 What is Bintracker?

Bintracker combines a smartphone app with a connected digital scale. QR scanning technology is used to track the source, volume, and composition of each tenant’s waste and recycling materials. Leveraging data-driven waste diversion helps reduce your waste disposal costs and enables you to innovate and optimize your sustainability programs with speed and precision.

 How Does It Work?

Bintracker uses widely available QR-Code scanning technology and integrated digital scales to ensure a transparent, accountable waste and recycling management process. The system provides customizable reports so property managers can harness the power of real-time data to optimize building operations to be more efficient while producing less waste and reducing operating costs.

Curious to learn how Bintracker technology can help your business?

RecycleSmart’s Waste Wizards are committed to providing Canada’s leading property managers with the most innovative solutions to optimize their waste management practices. Waste Wizards are leading the charge with the early adoption of the newest and innovative technology. RecycleSmart’s partnership with Bintracker will help our Canadian customers achieve a higher standard in their waste diversion methods. Together, we can help tackle the sustainability challenges that many property managers face when tackling increasingly complex recycling programs. 


Watch our Webinar on-demand to learn more about how Bintracker technology can help you measure, manage and monitor your waste and recycling success.

Become a Bintracker Pilot Building!

Are you inspired to optimize? Driven by data? Committed to sustainability? Then you can join the first class of customers that have committed to a higher standard of waste management! Let’s chat about how Bintracker + RecycleSmart = rocking the recycling and getting better at garbage!